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Can you wash my Golf Cart?

Yes.  We can wash your golf cart.

What is a detail?

A car detail is a really good car wash.  This is where our service starts.  Every job we perform is a detail.

Will Dolphin Mobile Detail wash or detail my car anywhere in Melbourne, FL?

Yes. Dolphin Mobile Detail serves all Brevard County and more including Melbourne, FL.

What kind of wax does Dolphin Mobile Detail use?

For Full Details we use a liquid wax that contains both a Natural Carnuaba for shine and durability & a Sealant for protection and longevity.  The wax also contains UV A & B inhibitors.  It lasts approximately 5 months.  It outshines & outlasts most past waxes and contains no abrasives so it will not remove paint or clearcoat and will not leave swirl marks.

How long does your wax last?

The wax we use for our full details lasts for 3-5 months depending on weather, driving & storage conditions.

How far in advance do I need to make my appointment for?

You can expect to have an appointment within a week.  Often times, sooner.  Sometimes you can have your detail performed on the day that you call.

Does washing my car remove wax?

Washing your car can remove wax.  It depends on the detergent.  Dawn is famous for removing wax which can be good if that's what you want.  Tunnel car washes or do-it-yourself coin operated car washes often use harsh detergents that strip wax that you may not want removed.  Wax protects your car.  Dolphin Mobile Detail washes do not remove wax.

How do I wash an Audi?

There are lots of ways to wash an audi or any car.  There's no one right way.  The idea is to remove the dirt without scratching the paint.  This can be done one of 3 ways.  1 .The traditional way with a garden hose, a bucket of soap & water, a sponge (natural sea sponge is the best) and a chamois. 2. Waterless or dry wash .  3. Or a hybrid rinseless wash.  Just follow the product directions, use common sense and it will be hard to go wrong.  One thing to consider is weather or not you want to remove any wax that may be on the car.  Some car wash solutions are more harsh than others and remove wax.  I'm sure you'll do fine. If you have further questions go to and get in touch with us.

What if it looks like rain?

Lots of times we still detail cars, especially if the customer has a carport or garage.   We often surprise customers by wiping their car down & touching up the job the next day as a courtesy.    Even though the car is clean and protected and the rain beads off, the idea of it raining after having your car detailed isn’t fun.  So to help you feel better we normally apply free windshield rain repellant if it looks like rain.  It’s fun to watch the water just stream right off your windshield.  Try scheduling a detail on a rainy week.

Should I wax my new car?

Excellent question.  The paint will probably never be in as good of shape as when it is new.  So its a great time to protect it.  Even air particles will begin to leave tiny scratches.  Options include waxing, sealing or applying a coating to the paint.  This will protect your car's paint allowing you to more completely enjoy your car and help it retain it's maximum resale value.

Is Dolphin Mobile Detail the best?


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