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Ceramic Coating

  Mobile Auto Detailing, Car Wash & more!
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A coating powerfully protects a cars painted surfaces from sun, bugs and the elements for up to 4 years.  Car washing will not remove a coating.  It is like a super-hard clear coat that things do not easily stick to. When washed the car looks like it has been waxed.  Plus, it can be maintained like paint.  You can still wax or seal it for extra shine & protection if you choose.

We apply coatings and have seen first-hand that they work!  The ease of which bugs & pollen are removed is amazing.

Dealers typically offer a coating and charge from $750 to $1800.  We apply state-of-the-art coatings starting at $300.

Here's what we do:

Step 1

Wash vehicle

Step 2 (Optional-not included in price.)

Clay vehicle

Step 3

Polish vehicle (Optional-not included in price.)

Step 4

Prep vehicle with isopropyl alcohol

Step 5

Apply coating to vehicle

Step 6

Apply 2nd coat to leading edges of vehicle (leading edges are the painted surfaces that the wind hits first while driving forward)

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