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Love  Bugs


Here is what you can do:

In Florida love bugs appear in Spring (April-May) & Fall (August-September).  Lovebugs are more plentiful in some seasons than in others.  Lovebugs are a problem for car owners for 3 reasons.  First, their bodies are delicate and smash on the front of your car leaving an acidic residue that can permanently damage your car's paint.  Second, the bug residue can accumulate on your car's radiator lessoning its engine cooling efficiency.  Third, it can reduce car windshield visability possibly creating a driving hazard.
Here are some steps you can take to deal with love bugs:
1.  Keep your car waxed.  This can ease bug residue removal and provides paint protection from bug acid.
2.  Get a bug screen.  Bug screens can keep bugs off your paint and out of your radiator.
3.  Remove bug residue daily.  The sooner you remove bugs from your car the easier it will be and the less likey your paint is to become damaged.
4.  Fill up your windshield washer resevior with washer fluid that also removes bugs.
5.  Drive when the bugs are not out.  They seem to come out at around 10:00 A.M. and are gone at night.

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